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Website Messages: Online Store Messages and Order Messages


SHOPLINE supports messaging that is built in your online store. Once enabled, customers can leave messages directly in your online store. They can also send you messages if they have questions or issues regarding their orders.


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How Customers Leave Messages in Your Online Store

Online store messages are those left to you by store members. Customers must log in as members to send you messages in the chat box. Remember to enable the chat widget for your online store to allow messaging. 

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Processing Online Store Messages

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages, and click the View your message button in the upper right corner to enter Message Center. The left navigation of the Message Center panel lists the portals to different social media platforms. Click the first icon to display all the messages customers have left for you on the website (the online store). Unread messages are marked with a red badge to indicate how many messages are pending your processing. To help you quickly check the latest messages, the message list is sorted in reverse chronological order by default, from the latest to the earliest, based on the time when the messages are updated. You can also search for chats from certain members by their email address, mobile number, and chat history.


After you click a message, the following three panes display.

  • On the left is the message list, which displays customers’ avatars, nicknames, and the content and time of the last message. If you click a message, the corresponding chat box and customer profile are displayed in the other two panes on the right.
  • The middle pane is the chat box that displays the chat history between you and the customer. You can send texts, emojis, and images to the customer.
  • The right pane displays the customer’s information and their order data. you can add tags and remarks to the customer. The system automatically displays all historical orders of the customer. You can click an order number to view the order details.


In the other portals, customers from third-party social media platforms will be displayed as guests if they haven't registered as members. You can register the customer as a member by entering his/her mobile number and email address.



How Customers View Your Replies

Customers can receive your replies via emails and in your online store.

  • Email: An email containing your reply will be sent to the customer. The customer can click Reply to go to the messaging section on the store membership page and view and reply to messages.
Note: Emails received by customers are sent from your customer service email address. If you want to change the email address, you can go to Settings > Basic settings > Basic store information to change it.


  • Your online store: When customers log in as members, they can view all chat history in the chat box.



How Customers Leave Messages Regarding Their Orders

After customers place orders, they can view all orders by clicking the link in the order confirmation email or logging in to the membership page. In any order, the customer service email address is displayed at the bottom. Customers can send messages regarding their orders to this email address.  Learn more about how to configure the customer service email address.





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