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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Installation Method

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can help you easily install various tracking codes and third party applications for your store. This will minimize errors and save you the effort of hiring a web developer for any new features or content you wish to integrate with your website. 



Step 1: Create a Google Tag Manager Account

Proceed to the Google Tag Manager page, click "Sign in to Tag Manager" and sign in with your Google account. 



Once you have logged in, click "Create account". 


Step 2: Account Setup

  • Account name: Enter your store name
  • Country/ Region: Select the region of your business 

Step 3: Container Setup

  • Container name: Enter your domain address e.g.: (Make sure to change your domain address) 
  • Target platform: Web 

Once you have completed the setup, click Create


Step 4: Agree to Google terms & services

Check the box "I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR" on the bottom left corner, then click Yes


Step 5: Obtain the manager ID 

We have already installed the code in the store, please click the "X" icon on the top right corner. 

Copy the 「XXXXX」part of the GTM-「XXXXX」from the workspace page. 


Step 6: Setup code 

Once you have returned to SHOPLINE Admin > [Google], click Add and enter your copied tracking number. 


Embedding third party tools

If you wish to use Google Tag Management Tools through SHOPLINE's third party tool embedding like pop up windows and instant messages etc.,  you can first obtain the code from the third party website for setup. Once you have saved your setup, click "Preview" to return to your store and confirm whether everything is correct. After confirmation, please return to Google Tag Manager Admin and click "Submit" to complete the entire process.  

Please note, if the embedded third party content affects the original SHOPLINE functions causing website issues such as extended loading time, the platform will not be responsible. 

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