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Member System - Gift Card Setting

The Member System provides store-exclusive gift cards to enable customers to purchase for themselves or give to others. It facilitates you in building your brand and boosting your brand awareness.


Table of Content



Turn on / off the Gift Card

When you first set up your gift card, it is not activated. You need to complete the Gift card information to switch the status to [Enabled]. When you turn on the gift card, it can be issued and purchased in the store.

If the dot turns green on the right side of the Gift card, or the status of the Gift card is turned on, the current gift card is enabled.

You can choose to turn off the gift card manually. When you turn off the gift card, the customer who buys the member system gift card will unable to receive the gift card automatically sent by the system.

The valid gift card that has been sent by your store will not be affected by the operation of turning off the gift card. The customer can still use it normally when placing orders.

Note:  The gift card in the Product management in your store will not automatically be removed from shelves. Please remove it from the shelves manually.



Gift card information setup

You can set up and modify the gift card information on the Member System.

(1)Entrance: [Member System] > [Gift cards] > [Gift card information]


Step 1: Set gift card product information

The Member System has a predefined product title, product description, and master image of your gift card, you can click 'Create' to use the predefined information.

You can also modify the title, description, and master image to suit your shop; once you have created your gift card, you can find and access the details of your gift card on the product management page in your shop backend.

We recommend you change the gift card information in the Member System, including the product information described above and the style information in Step 2.


Step 2: Set up gift card variant

You need to set the variant information for your gift card. The variants are the description of the type of gift card, and the selling price corresponds to the price sold to customers.

For example, you can fill in the variant of your gift card as 50 (face value of $50) and the selling price as 50 (the gift card is priced at 50)

Note: Once your customer has purchased and paid for the gift card in the shop, Member System will issue the gift card with the amount you have set here.




Gift card expiry date setting

You can set the expiry date of your distributed gift cards. The gift cards cannot be redeemed after their expiry date. By managing the expiry time of your gift cards, you can effectively promote the consumption of gift cards.

(1)Entrance: [Gift card] > [Gift cards] > [Edit]


(2) Steps

You can set the expiry date of the gift card according to the needs of your shop, click save after setting.

You can also set the gift card to be permanent, then the gift card will always be available after being sold.

You can also set it to be valid for a fixed period (e.g. 12 months), then the gift card will be valid for a specific amount of time after the date of purchase. Once the card is issued, this expiry date will be informed to customers by an accurate and specific date.

Note: The expiry date of the gift card is determined by the setting while it is issued. Therefore, if you decide to change the expiry date of the gift card, the expiry date of the issued cards will not be changed.




Email push

You can send email automatically to customers under specific scenarios by setting email push.

You can quickly set whether the gift card related scenarios will trigger the email push in the Gift card setting page.


  • Turn on/off the email push: Currently, The Gift Card Settings section provides you with 4 types of emails that can automatically push to customers under specific scenarios. By ticking the box, you can decide whether to send the email in each specific scenario.
    • Email Type 1: [Email to gift card recipient] When a customer purchases a gift card for someone else, it will be pushed to the gift card recipient after payment.
    • Email Type 2: [Buyer confirmation email] When a customer purchases a gift card for someone else, the buyer will be notified after the gift card is sent to the gift card recipient.
    • Email Type 3: [Gift card expiration notification] When a customer's gift card is near expired, the notification will be pushed 5 days before the expiration date by default.
    • Email Type 4: [Gift card purchases] When a customer purchases a gift card for themselves in your shop, a gift card will be pushed to the customer after payment.
  • If you want to edit any email, please click the email that you want to edit > click [Edit] to go to the editing page of the email.
  • Click [View more] to go to the email push page.



Preview gift cards

After you have finished setting up the gift card, you can preview the detailed page viewed by customers in the shop.

Steps: [Member System] > [Gift card] > [Preview] > click preview to view the gift card product detailed page.




Send as a gift

Member System's gift cards can be purchased directly by customers for others in the shop and sent as a gift to others.

Customer purchase path: [Product details]- [Send as a gift]

When a customer clicks on "Send as a gift" on the product details page of a Member System gift card, they can fill in the gift information via a pop-up window. Besides,, the customer can add a wish for the gift card recipient and the name they expect recipient to see.

Once the customer has paid, the Member System will automatically issue the gift card to the gift card recipient and send an email to notify the customer at the same time.

Note: The value of the gift card issued is the selling price you have set in the Member System.





Use a gift card

Customers can use the balance of a valid Gift Card by entering the Gift Card numbers into the Gift Card/Discount Code box and clicking Apply. Instructions on how to use the gift card are available in the emails that customers receive and in the Member System's Customer Dashboard.




Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE adminwebsite, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.