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Automatic Tie-in Bundle Sets

The automatic tie-in bundle is generated automatically by algorithms. Based on the chosen recommendation method and the store's data, the system automatically creates bundles for products customers are viewing and displays these recommendations on the product detail page. The automatic tie-in bundle effectively saves setup time and provides personalized product bundles for different customers to increase conversion rates.


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Before Setting Up

Please note the following points before you create automatic bundles:

  • Only 1 automatic tie-in bundle can be created for each store, and this setting applies to all products by default.
  • To ensure the automatic bundle is displayed, make sure you have selected the option under Advanced settings > Bundles display rules. For detailed configuration, please refer to the Advanced Settings.
  • No automatic tie-in bundle will be displayed when there is no data or sufficient products.
  • When configuring an automatic bundle, the number of products you set is the maximum number that can be displayed in a bundle. If there is insufficient product data, the number of products displayed may be less than this setting.



Creating an Automatic Tie-in Bundle

  1. On the homepage of the Product Upsells & Bundles app, select Automatic tie-in sets, and click Configure a set.

  2. In the Bundle name section, enter a name for the bundle, such as Frequently Bought Together.

  3. In the Recommendation methods section, select a recommendation method for your automatic tie-in bundle. The algorithm will recommend bundles to customers based on your selection.

Note: If you wish to understand the difference between different recommendation methods, refer to Recommendation Method Options.


  1. In the Number of bundled products section, select the maximum quantity of products to be bundled. A bundle should consist of a minimum of 2 products and a maximum of 10 products

  2. In the Bundle discount section, set the discount customers can enjoy when purchasing the complete bundle.
  • Percentage discount: Customers purchasing the complete bundle will receive a corresponding percentage discount.
  • Fixed amount discount: Set the fixed amount to be discounted for the bundle and the threshold for obtaining this discount. When customers purchase the complete bundle and the original selling price fulfills the threshold, the bundle can be discounted by the corresponding fixed amount.
  • Get the lowest-priced item free: When customers purchase the complete bundle, the lowest-priced item within the bundle will get a full discount (free).


  1. In the Action after ‘add to cart’ section, set the page customers will be directed to after clicking the buy button in the bundle module.
  • Enter checkout page: After clicking Buy Together in the bundle module, customers go to the checkout page, where they can only purchase the bundled products for this transaction.
  • Enter shopping cart page: After clicking Add to cart of product bundles, customers go to the shopping cart page, where they can proceed with the checkout process for both the bundled products and other items.


  1. In the Exclude specific products section, you can set products to be excluded from participation in the automatic tie-in bundle activity.
  • If there are certain products you don't wish to include in the automatic tie-in bundle, you can select these products in the Exclude specific products section. Once set, these products won't be included in any automatic tie-in bundle. If a customer is browsing an excluded product, no automatic tie-in bundle will be displayed on the product detail page because the product has been excluded.
  • You can exclude up to 50 products from the automatic tie-in bundle

  1. In the Bundle display block on the right, set the display position of the product bundle on the product detail page.


  1. In the Promotion information display section, set the display format for the promotion information of the product bundle.
  • If the bundle discount is a Percentage Discount, you can choose to display the total discount as a percentage or an amount, and select the option to display the discount for individual products by checking the checkbox of Display the discounted price of a single product.
  • If the bundle discount is a Fixed Amount Discount or Get the lowest-priced item free, the total discount will appear as an amount, and you can choose whether to display the discount for individual products by checking the checkbox of Display the discounted price of a single product.


  1. Click the Create button to confirm that the status of the bundle is enabled.



Editing an Automatic Tie-in Bundle

In any status, you can edit campaign information on the settings page of the automatic tie-in bundle campaign. You can modify the bundle name, recommendation method, number of products in a bundle, bundle discount, ways to buy, exclude selected products, and bundle style.


  1. On the homepage of the Product Upsells & Bundles app, select Automatic tie-in sets and click Configure a set to access the editing page. 

  1. After making adjustments, click the Update button. Your store will display the latest activity information, and customers browsing your store will see the updated activity information.


  • Orders that have already been placed and the discounts that customers have already enjoyed are not affected by the activity update.
  • Bundles that have been added to the shopping cart or entered the checkout page but have not yet been checked out are subject to your updated bundle information.


  1. At any time, you can disable an automatic tie-in bundle. In the Activity settings page, click the toggle on the upper right to enable/disable the activity. When the Automatic tie-in bundle is disabled, no Automatic tie-in bundles will be displayed on any product detail page.



Inquiring an Automatic Tie-in Bundle

If you wish to know the automatic tie-in bundles created for products in your store, you can inquire in Bundle management of the Product Upsells & Bundles app.

The inquiring procedures are as the following:

  1. Click Query products in the Product bundle management block.

  1. When you select a product, all manual tie-in bundles, automatic tie-in bundles, and pop-up bundles involving the product will be displayed on the bundle management page. You can quickly view the corresponding campaign and its current status.


  1. When you click Manage automatic tie-in sales, you will be redirected to the automatic tie-in bundle setting page where you can modify the settings.
Note: If there is no sufficient data for a product to be bundled, or the product is excluded, you won’t see any automatic tie-in bundle in your query result, and this section won’t be displayed in bundle management.
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