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Creating Your Google Ads Manager Account (MCC)


This guide provides an overview of the Google Ads Manager Account (MCC), detailing its definition, benefits, and creation process. Google Ads Manager Account offers you a centralized platform to efficiently manage multiple advertising accounts, conduct cross-account reporting and analysis, and effectively organize and oversee advertising campaigns.


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Understanding Google Ads Manager Account

The Google Ads Manager Account, previously known as MCC (My Client Center), functions as a centralized tool tailored for managing and overseeing multiple Google Ads accounts. Primarily utilized by advertising agencies, digital marketing firms, or businesses with numerous advertising accounts, manager accounts streamline the management and optimization of advertising endeavors.

With a manager account, users can seamlessly access and administer multiple Google Ads accounts from a unified interface, eliminating the need for frequent account switching or logins. This enables users to effortlessly monitor overall account performance, create and modify advertising campaigns, set budgets, and track key metrics. Additionally, manager accounts offer a cross-account reporting and analysis feature, empowering users to compare data from various accounts. This capability facilitates a deeper understanding of advertising impacts and trends, enabling more informed decision-making regarding campaign strategies and optimizations.

With a manager account, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: A manager account simplifies the management of multiple advertising accounts by consolidating them onto one platform, streamlining account switching and login processes, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Unified View: A manager account offers users a unified page where they can conveniently access and compare data and performance metrics from multiple accounts simultaneously. This unified view aids in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the overall impact of advertising activities.
  • Flexible ManagementWith a manager account, users have the flexibility to set and manage various aspects of different accounts, including budget allocation, creation and editing of advertising campaigns, and keyword management. This flexibility enables users to effectively optimize their advertising activities to meet their objectives.
  • Cross-Account Reporting and Analysis: A manager Account features a robust reporting and analysis tool that spans multiple accounts. This functionality enables users to compare data from different accounts, facilitating insights-driven optimization of advertising strategies and informed decision-making.



How to Create a Google Ads Manager Account

You can perform the following steps:

  1. Click here to access the manager account creation page.
  2. Click Go to Manager Accounts.
  3. Fill in the business information and click Submit.
  4. Account created successfully.
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