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Product Upsells & Bundles Overview

Product Upsells & Bundles are an efficient way to increase the average order value and expedite inventory turnover. SHOPLINE provides four methods, namely, product set, add-on item, gift box, and after-sales service promotion, to recommend purchases for users in a bundled form, thus encouraging bulk order placements and boosting sales.

AI-driven personalized shopping recommendations are also available in SHOPLINE. By connecting customers and products, this feature recommends products based on consumers' preferences, stimulating quick order placements.


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Feature Introduction

Product Upsells & Bundles effectively increase the average order value, accelerate inventory turnover, and connect your store and users. In particular, personalized shopping recommendations help pinpoint consumers' preferences and pain points.

In Product Upsells & Bundles, products participate in promotions in a bundled form, which encourages bulk order placements and boosts overall product sales.

By using the Product Upsells & Bundles app, you can achieve the following features:

  • Quick Combination of Multiple Products: Increase the exposure of combined products on the product detail page, quickly increase the store's customer unit price, and drive the overall conversion rate of the store.
  • Multiple tie-in methods: You can enjoy multiple tie-in methods in the Product Upsells & Bundles app, including manual tie-in sets, gift boxes (allow users to package and gift to relatives and friends), and algorithm-based tie-in sales. Algorithm-based tie-in sales utilize AI algorithms to automatically recommend product sets based on sales data, effectively promoting the sale of products with higher average order values. The created Product Upsells & Bundles are displayed on the corresponding product detail pages according to their type. The product detail page prioritizes the recommendation of your manual tie-in sets and add-on items, followed by automatic tie-in sets. In other words, when manual tie-in sets are unavailable for sale, automatic tie-in sets are displayed.
  • Multiple discount modes: You can set different bundle discounts for various activities in the Product Upsells & Bundles app. Customers can enjoy exclusive bundle discounts when purchasing the entire set or benefit from special add-on prices for individually recommended products. You can also set stacked discounts, which allows customers to stack coupon codes after enjoying bundle discounts.
  • Multiple display forms: You can display upsells and bundle products  below the Add to cart button or beneath the Product section on the product detail page. You can also set recommendations of manual tie-in sets and add-on items as pop-ups. In this case, when customers purchase any product in the set, a pop-up recommends the entire set, thus boosting the order amount. In addition, you can set add-on products for products and offer customers discounted prices for them. You can also set gift boxes to provide an exclusive link for consumers to select and order packaged gifts.
  • Data tracking of Product Upsells & Bundles activity: Once Product Upsells & Bundles or add-on sales start generating sales, you can view corresponding data reports in the app. These reports help you understand the current sales of activities and provide details on orders containing product sets or add-on items.


Note: Starting from December 6, 2023, a product set from Product Upsells & Bundles, add-on items, and after-sales discount campaigns can be combined with giveaway campaigns. For example, if a user meets the criteria for a giveaway campaign after adding a product set from Product Upsells & Bundles to the cart, this user is considered eligible for the campaign.



Recommended Practices

Strategies for Product Upsells & Bundles:

  • Core product + complementary product: For example, shampoo and conditioner, phone cases and screen protectors, and badminton rackets and shuttlecocks. When customers browse the core product, SHOPLINE directly recommends corresponding complementary products to them and offers a bundled discount to attract them to place orders quickly.
  • Variant combinations: For example, various flavors of beverages. When customers hesitate in choosing a specific flavor, SHOPLINE can introduce a "Variant discounted combination" to encourage order placements.
  • Add-on recommendations: For example, when customers order shampoo, you can set conditioner as an add-on item that appears as a popup when they click to add it to the cart or proceed to checkout. You may also provide a discounted price for the add-on product, signaling to customers that purchasing it with the shampoo comes with a special discount, thereby encouraging transactions.



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