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Understanding Your SHOPLINE Bill


SHOPLINE provides a range of plan options, pricing structures, transaction fee rates, billing cycles, and credit card transaction rates. This guide explains how SHOPLINE bills you for various services. 


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Choosing Your SHOPLINE Plan

SHOPLINE offers a variety of plans with both annual and monthly billing options. You can find the specific pricing details on the SHOPLINE website.

We accept various payment methods, such as PayPal, bank cards, credit cards, and more, for your initial purchase, upgrades, or renewals. Upgrading to a non-premium plan that's already active is easy - the system automatically calculates the price difference for you.

Note:  For more details on subscription billing, refer to the "SHOPLINE Pricing Plans" guide.



SHOPLINE Transaction Fees 

Transaction fees apply when you use a third-party payment service to collect payments. The fee rate is contingent upon your SHOPLINE plan and is assessed per transaction.

Bills are generated monthly, precisely at 00:00 on the 1st of each month, once your transaction fees surpass a designated threshold (e.g., USD 70 for the US or 60 GBP for the UK).


Avoiding Transaction Fees

  • Use SHOPLINE Payments: This is SHOPLINE's integrated payment service provider. By enabling it, you'll only pay the credit card transaction fee, eliminating the SHOPLINE transaction fee.
  • Use COD or Custom Payments: These alternative payment methods are exempt from transaction fees.
Note: For more details on transaction fee charges and bill descriptions, see "Transaction Fee Bills Overview".



Payment Options and Fees 


Payment Providers

Payment providers handle the transfer of customer payments to your store. To accept credit cards or local payment methods, you can choose between SHOPLINE Payments or a third-party provider. If you want to offer alternative options like PayPal or custom methods, you can set those up separately.



SHOPLINE Payments is our integrated payment service provider, offering a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

  • Seamless Integration: Enable direct payment acceptance on your online store without redirection. Customers can input their payment details during checkout without exiting your online store.
  • Reduced Fees: Only incur the credit card transaction fee; additional SHOPLINE transaction fees are waived. The SHOPLINE Payment rate fluctuates based on the chosen plan.
  • Easy Management: Effortlessly configure and oversee SHOPLINE Payments directly from your SHOPLINE admin panel.
  • Real-time Tracking: Conveniently monitor your payments in real-time within your admin panel.
Note: For more details about SHOPLINE Payments, please refer to the "About SHOPLINE Payments" guide.


Third-Party Payment Providers

If SHOPLINE Payments isn't available in your region or you prefer a different provider, you can choose from various third-party payment providers integrated with SHOPLINE. However, be aware of these additional fees:

  • Credit Card Transaction Fee: This fee varies depending on the chosen provider. Check their website or contact them for details.
  • Transaction Fee: Standard SHOPLINE transaction fees still apply.


Once you've selected a provider, configure your payment settings directly from your SHOPLINE admin panel.

Note: For more information on third-party payment providers, refer to "Payments via Third-party Providers."



Billing Cycle Rules

SHOPLINE follows a billing cycle of 30 days for monthly payments and 365 days for annual payments, beginning from the activation date of your plan. If you intend to suspend or deactivate your store, remember to cancel your app subscription to prevent any future additional fees.


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