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Size chart function introduction

The "Size Chart" application plugin launched by SHOPLINE can help you manage and display product size information efficiently and flexibly, and help customers easily choose the style and size that suits them.

1. Set the entrance
"Apps" >> "App Market" > "Size Chart" to enter.


2. Steps for setting the size chart
2.1 Set the size table content

You can edit the content of the size chart freely and flexibly, and there are three editing components (table, image, rich text) for you to combine and use.f



2.2 Set the size chart display area

The size chart can be displayed on the product details page "Product Specifications" and "Product Description":

1. At the product specification (below)


2. Product description



2.3 Select the applicable product in the size chart

You can choose to display the size chart in "All Products" or "Specified Products". When the product has SIZE-related specifications (including multiple languages), the size chart will be displayed on the product details page. When multiple size charts are configured for the same product at the same time, the latest updated size chart will be displayed.



Note: The size chart supports Impress and other themes, but currently does not support Brooklyn, Simple, Audio, and Pink themes.

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