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Connecting Your WhatsApp Business to SHOPLINE


SHOPLINE empowers you to connect your WhatsApp Business account, centralizing your customer interactions for a seamless experience. This integration unlocks a range of functionalities: receive and respond to customer messages directly within SHOPLINE, set up automatic order notifications to stay on top of sales, and send promotional updates to keep your customers engaged. 

By managing all these interactions within a centralized platform, you can boost conversions and enhance your customer experience. Follow our guide to link your WhatsApp account and unlock these valuable benefits!


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Linking a WhatsApp Business Account


Key Reminders Before You Start

  • A single WhatsApp Business account can only be linked to one store.
  • Link one WhatsApp Business account to one mobile number to avoid connection issues.
  • Ensure the mobile number linked to your WhatsApp Business account has never been used for personal WhatsApp accounts. If it has, delete it and register again. See detailed instructions in the "Business Phone Numbers​​" guide.
  • WhatsApp Business implemented a new charging policy on June 1, 2023. To continue using the 1,000 free conversations, purchase a plan to maintain connectivity with SHOPLINE. For more details, refer to the "WhatsApp Business Billing" guide.


Connecting Your WhatsApp Account

Follow these steps to connect your WhatsApp Business account to SHOPLINE:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > WhatsApp. Then, click Link now to start the account authorization process.

  2. Click Continue as (your name) or log in with the desired Facebook account.

  3. Click Get started.

  4. Click Continue to grant management permissions for your WhatsApp Business account to SHOPLINE.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the linking process:
    5.1 Create or select a Facebook Business account and click Continue.

    5.2 Create or select a WhatsApp Business Profile and click Continue.

    5.3 Verify your WhatsApp business number.

    5.4 Click OK to complete.



Verifying Enterprise Management Platforms

Once you've finished the linking process, proceed to verify your enterprise management platforms.


Verifying Facebook Business Manager

  1. Go to your Facebook Business settings. Select Security Center and click Start verification in the platform verification section.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to provide your business details and any necessary documentation for verification.

  3. Once you've completed the verification steps, Facebook will review your information. If everything is in order, your business verification status will change to Verified within their platform.


Verifying WhatsApp Business Account

Upon completion of the integration, you'll be directed to the WhatsApp management page for WhatsApp verification:

  1. In the "Basic Settings" section, click Go to WhatsApp Manager.

  2. Click the hamburger icon to expand the drop-down menu, then select Business settings in the "All tools" section.

  3. Go to Accounts > WhatsApp Account, select the Settings tab, and click Start verification under the "Business verification" section.

  4. Once the review is completed, the " Business verification" status will change to Verified, and a status of Approved will appear in the "Account status" section.


Notes: If the Meta business settings are not verified in advance, your WhatsApp Business account will expire after the 14-day trial period. Once the account expires, you won’t be able to send or receive WhatsApp messages via the Message Center.



Creating and Managing Message Templates

Once you've linked your accounts, head over to the Message template section to prepare communication templates for your customers. Here's how:


Accessing Message Templates

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > WhatsApp. Click on the Message template tab to create and manage all your templates.

Creating a Template

  1. Click Create template. You can create up to 250 templates.

  2. Configure the basic settings for your template and click Next Step.
      • Template Name: Choose a clear and descriptive name for easy searching. (Lowercase English characters, numbers, and underscores only)
      • Template Purpose: Select the intended use of the template from these categories: Utility dialogue, Marketing dialogue, or Identity authentication.
      • Select a Template: Choose appropriate templates to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.
        Note: The media template allows for uploading images, videos, and documents, while the interactive template supports quick reply buttons, dial buttons, and link access.
  1. Enter a concise title, craft the main content, and provide a short description (optional) for your template. You can check the message preview on the right side to ensure it looks as intended.

  2. If needed, click Add a language in the "Language list" section to create the template in additional languages.

  3. Once satisfied, click Save. Then, click Confirm in the pop-up window.


You can find your created templates listed in the Message Template section.

  • Deleting or creating a message template in WhatsApp will render it unusable in the Message Center for sending messages.
  • If you delete a message template in the WhatsApp admin panel, it will undergo an 18-day review period before it can be recreated.



Managing Message Templates

After creating a template, you can take further actions:

  • Submit for review: Click this button to send your template for approval. Only approved templates can be used for customer communication.
    Note:  You can only submit the same template in a specific language for review twice.
  • Edit template: To modify an existing template, click it to access the editing page.


Using a Message Template

To send WhatsApp messages using a template:

  1. Go to Messages > View messages in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

  2. While in a WhatsApp chat with a customer, click Send Opt-in template.

  3. Select or search for the desired template and click Send.
Notes: Only approved WhatsApp message templates will appear in the list of available options for sending.



Setting Notification Preferences

Besides message templates, you can also configure your notification preferences in the Notification settings section. Here's how:

  1. Go to Channels > WhatsApp in your SHOPLINE admin panel. Then, click on the Notification settings tab.

  2. Select the notification templates you want to use for Orders, Local delivery, and Store pick-up scenarios. Hovering over a template will reveal its content.

These selected notifications will then be available for you to choose from during a WhatsApp conversation with a customer.

Note: Currently, the enabled order notifications will only be available for orders created through the Messages channel.



Sending and Receiving WhatsApp Messages in Message Center

After successfully linking your WhatsApp Business account, you can manage customer interactions directly within SHOPLINE's centralized reply panel. Follow these steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages > View messages.

  2. Click on the WhatsApp icon from the channel list.

  3. Select a specific customer’s message. Then, view and respond to the message via the chat panel.


Adding a WhatsApp Chat Widget

If you'd like customers to initiate WhatsApp conversations while browsing your online store, you can set up a chat widget. Refer to the "Configuring a Live Chat Widget for Your Store" guide for detailed instructions.



Unbinding a WhatsApp Business Account

If you decide to disconnect your WhatsApp Business account from your store, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WhatsApp Business management page.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button and select Disconnect Current Account.


Important Notes

  • Your initial WhatsApp Business account trial period lasts 14 days. After that, you won't be able to send messages through SHOPLINE's Message Center.
  • To link a different account after the trial, you'll need to:
    1. Delete the associated mobile number in the WhatsApp Manager section.

    2. Remove the integrated WhatsApp Business account from Facebook Business Manager.

    3. Relink your account via the SHOPLINE admin panel > Channels > WhatsApp.


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