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Product Recommendation Plug-in


In the product recommendation plug-in, you can enable the product recommendation component for the store page to display more products for customers and further improve the store conversion rate.



The current product recommendation plugin can add recommended product components to the following five types of pages:

  • Product detail page
  • Product list page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Mini shopping cart
  • Search page

Recommendation Types

There are currently two recommendation types for merchants to choose from:

  • Custom recommendation
  • Intelligent Recommendation

Custom recommendation

1. Select any page that you would like to display recommended products, click "Switch" in the upper right corner, and select "Custom Recommendation" in the pop-up window to customize the recommended products.


2. You can add products as recommended by clicking the box (as shown in the figure below), you can configure up to 20 recommended products, and you can see the number of recommended products currently configured in the upper left corner.


3. In the following pop-up window, you can search, filter or use other forms of operations to quickly find your desired recommended products.

4. After adding products, you can adjust the order of recommended products by dragging and dropping. The order of products in the product recommendation plugin (from left to right, top to bottom) corresponds to the display order of products on the store page. (refer to below attached GIF)

5. In the product recommendation list, you can remove the product on the page itself from the setting. After the setting is completed, please make sure to click [update] and [Enable] to update and save your settings.



Intelligent recommendation

1. Should you want to use [Intelligent Recommendation] for your product recommendations,  you can enter a certain page, click the [Switch] button in the upper right corner, and select the [Intelligent Recommendation] option.


2. After the setting is completed, make sure to click [Update] and [Enable] to make sure your settings are saved accordingly.



For users who install product recommendations and enable intelligent recommendation for the first time, the current SHOPLINE intelligent recommendation algorithm needs some time (about 15-30 minutes) to read the relevant data of the products in the store, which is used to establish a more complete recommendation algorithm model. The product recommendation component will not be displayed in the store during the time period. Only when the recommendation model is established, the recommended product information driven by the AI ​​algorithm will be automatically displayed in the store.


The AI ​​algorithm will obtain some necessary historical information to establish an accurate recommendation model, including product sales data, etc. At the same time, after using the plug-in, the plug-in will accumulate product browsing data, user action data, etc. to continuously optimize the model and improve the model performance. 


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