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Message Center Overview

You can take various customer relationship management (CRM) actions in SHOPLINE’s Message Center. All your favorite chat apps can be merged into the single, easy-to-use omnichannel platform for free. The Message Center features allow you to make online shopping more personalized with your customers, deliver holistic customer journeys from start to end, and foster complete customer relationships to expand customer lifecycle value.



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Introduction to Message Center Functions


Message Center Functions

In Message Center, you can manage your store’s website messages and messages from third-party social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This feature allows you to collect messages from multiple social channels, contributing to a closed-loop, one-stop shopping experience. Additionally, you can upload product catalogs and send product/payment links to customers directly from the Message Center. This functionality helps accelerate order conversions and increase GMV. Moreover, the Message Center inbox provides you with customer details, including their browsing history, the products they’re interested in, and their order history. You can also use automatic messages to re-engage customers and increase revenue while you’re away. Furthermore, you can synchronize sales performance to understand how conversational commerce drives your business.


How to Connect Social Channels to Start Using Message Center

To view your messages, you should connect to social channels on SHOPLINE in advance. For specific operations, please refer to the following:



About the Message Center Page

After connecting to social channels, you can view messages on the admin panel.

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Messages > View messages on the upper right  to go to the Message Center.

In the Message Center panel, you see the icons on the left side, which represent your online store and social platforms (Online Store, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram). You can switch to different channels and start driving conversational commerce with your customers. The middle of the Message Center is where you can view and respond to customer messages. You can view or update customers' information and create or edit their orders on the right side of the Message Center.


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