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Facebook advertising asset authorization (must do for advertising)

Before using our Smart Ads System for advertising, please follow the following steps to complete the authorization of Facebook advertising assets, check relevant permissions, and set up Facebook channels. After all steps are completed, you may then start advertising:

截屏2022-09-29 18.08.53.png

Facebook Advertising Assets Authorization Process

Step 1 Enable Facebook account two-factor authentication

Two-factor verification is a Facebook security feature that provides additional security for your Facebook account on top of password protection. You can enable two-factor authentication to protect your Facebook account by referring to Facebook's official how-to guide. If you need to create a Facebook account and learn more about Facebook account, please refer to [Facebook Personal Account (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, Frequently Asked Questions)]

Step 2 Facebook Business Manager Obtaining "Administrator Permissions"

You would need to confirm:

  • Have Facebook Business Manager "Administrative Privilege (Admin Authorization)"


If you do not have Facebook Business Manager and need to create a BM or for related information, please refer to [Facebook Business Manager (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)]


Step 3 Add Facebook Page to Business Manager

If you would like to know what is a Facebook Page, how to create a Page, etc., please refer to [Facebook Page (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)]



  • If you have not opened a Facebook advertising account in SHOPLINE and is currently using your existing advertising account for advertising, please refer to 3.1 General user: Add Facebook Page to Business Manager
  • If you have opened a Facebook advertising account in SHOPLINE, you need to use this account to enjoy the advantages of Smart Ads products that "the blocked account will not affect the advertising", please refer to3.2 SHOPLINE- Smart Ads account opening customer: Facebook Page add permission


 3.1 General user: Add Facebook Page to Business Manager

Please follow the steps below to add an existing Page to Business Manager (Business Management Dashboard)

  1. Enter your business management dasnboard, find the public homepage under your account, and click [Add]

图片 1.png

图片 2.png


3.2 SHOPLINE- Smart Ads account opening customer: Add permission to Facebook Page 

Method 1: Please authorize the administrator permission of Page to SHOPLINE Business Manager "Business Manager ID account opening group synchronization"

图片 1.png

图片 3.png

图片 4.png


Method 2: If you cannot initiate an invitation, please contact your SHOPLINE operators to initiate a homepage authorization invitation


Step 4 Create Pixels

Why do you need Pixels?

If there is no pixel, the advertisement is placed but not tracked. It feels like you are driving blindfolded. You can't accurately judge the effect of the advertisement, and there is no way to further optimize it more accurately. (For more information about Facebook Pixel, please refer to "Facebook Pixel (Definition, How to Create, FAQ)")

The advantages and benefits of creating pixel: 

  1. Data analysis website optimization 
  2. Remarketing
  3. Similar audiences

How to create a Pixel

Step 1 : Create Pixel

Business Manager Dashboard > Data Source > Pixel Code

截屏2022-09-29 22.18.31.png图片 11.png


Step 2 (may refer to screenshot below)

图片 12.png

Step 3: Add Pixel to Ad Account

图片 13.png

Step 4 Add Pixel to SHOPLINE admin panel.

图片 14.png

图片 15.png

图片 16.png

Step 5 How to Verify if Pixel Works

You may install Facebook Pixel Helper on Google Chrome.

截屏2022-09-29 22.25.26.png

Step 5. Domain Verification

What is domain verification? 

You can successfully run ads on the Smart Ads system without domain verification, but we still recommend you complete domain verification, because the original pixel can track all user behavior and website data. However, because the new IOS regulations protect users' personal privacy, if domain verification is not performed, it may cause a certain "blocking" of user behavior data. Or it will affect the jumping of advertising links.

Step 1 Business Management Platform > Brand Safety > Domain

If the domain name of the independent website is, the website domain name needs to remove http:// and fill in the domain name box, namely

图片 20.png

Step 2: Use the Meta-tag method to verify, copy the content in the double quotation marks of the code segment content=”xxxxx” (copy the red part only)

图片 21.png

Step 3: Paste it into your Shopline Admin Panel [2.0 system Admin panel operation method]

图片 22.png

Step 4: Domain Verification Complete 

Go back to Facebook BM, click Verify Domian

图片 23.png

图片 24.png

Step 6. Event Configuration

Set up to 8 events maximum, per domain for optimization and reporting with priority, so the highest priority must be shopping.

Step 1 Events Management Tool

截屏2022-09-29 22.32.25.png

Step 2 Select the pixel added by the website

图片 40.png

Step 3 

If this interface does not appear, please review [Create pixel - add pixel code to Shopline background] and [Add pixel code to Shopline background] in [1]. After a while, enter this interface to view.

图片 41.png

Step 4: Select the pixel in the corresponding account, add 8 different optimization events, and put the Purchase event first

图片 42.png

图片 46.png图片 45.png图片 44.png图片 43.png

Facebook Ad Assets and Permissions Self-Check Checklist (Must Check!!)

Please check again whether the authorization is completed below. If so, you can go back to Smart Ads to set up the Facebook channel.

  1. Account has completed two-step verification
  2. Business Manager already has administrator authorization and has the Manage Campaigns privilege turned on
  3. Page has been authorized to the corresponding Business Manager
  4. Complete the Pixel creation and add it to the SHOPLINE background
  5. Complete domain verification (not required, but highly recommended)
  6. Complete event configuration

In addition, in order to ensure that your various advertising assets (FB account, Business Manager, Page, Pixel) on the Facebook platform can be used normally, please be sure to understand "Advertising Assets Management Must-Knows"

After completing the above advertising asset authorization, you can return to the Smart Ads System Channel Settings page to configure the channel