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Member System - Introduction


The Member System is designed to help you establish a membership framework for your store. It aims to enhance customer retention, loyalty, and repurchase rate, enabling you to achieve long-term operation and sustainable brand development. The following features are included:

  • Establishing a tiered system by offering differentiated benefits to members of different levels.
  • Setting rules for points accumulation/redemption, distributing store credits, and other incentives to encourage customer engagement.
  • Implementing invitation rewards to facilitate customer sharing and expansion.
  • Providing special operational tools such as VIP pricing and gift cards to drive customer spending.

This guide will walk you through the usage of the Member System and demonstrate how you can leverage its various features to build your membership operation system.


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Installing and Using the Member System

  1. If you haven't added the Member System app, you can install it by going to Apps > App Store and finding Member System. Once installed, you'll find the Member System in My Apps.
  2. If you have already added it to My Apps, you can access the app by going to your store admin panel > Apps > My Apps > Member System.
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Building a Membership Operation System

To establish your own membership operation system and attract customer retention and repurchases through benefits and rewards, you can utilize the following tools:



Creating a Brand Ambience for Members

You can build a unique member system in the following ways to enhance consumer awareness of your brand and effectively increase long-term loyalty:



Viewing Member-related Data

Once your Member System has been successfully operating for a while, you can access relevant data about your members. This will provide you with a better understanding of how the Member System is performing and the benefits it brings to you.



Recommended Practices

The Member System classifies customers into different tiers based on their membership status. Each tier is then granted access to exclusive products, services, and discounts to retain customers, encourage repeat purchases, and increase the overall number of members. The Member System focuses on user benefits and utilizes a tiered growth system and incentives to drive user development, foster high loyalty levels, and maximize user lifetime value (LTV).


A tiered member system boosts user retention

With the SHOPLINE Member System, you have the flexibility to configure VIP tiers and effectively manage your members. This includes providing various benefits, discounts, and VIP prices to members at different tier levels, and creating an appealing membership structure that enhances customer retention.

If you set up member prices, specific products will be highlighted as "Eligible for VIP price" in your store when regular customers are browsing. Right beside it, a convenient member registration/login popup will automatically appear, inviting customers to join your membership program with alluring benefits – attractive VIP prices and a hassle-free registration process.

Additionally, you can establish multiple ways for customers to earn points or store credits, such as through registration, placing orders, or reaching a certain spending threshold. This offers your customers several avenues to join membership.


Diverse membership marketing strategies drive repeat purchases

Once customers become members, how do you stimulate them to make repeat purchases? By tailoring benefits and discounts specifically to tiered levels of membership, you can provide differentiated VIP prices, point spendings, exclusive discounts, or even free shipping. These benefits are readily accessible after registering and logging in, motivating members to make subsequent purchases to unlock higher-tier benefits.

Furthermore, customers can be free to choose from various methods to redeem their points, including cash back, coupon code redemption, shipping coupons, gift vouchers, or product redemption. A range of point spending options enhances customers' shopping flexibility. They not only encourage customers to place orders but also provide sellers with more detailed insights into customers' shopping habits, enabling more precise customer management and operations.

How can you effectively and accurately engage with your members? The SHOPLINE Member System provides two approaches. Firstly, within the website, customers will encounter different types of pop-ups while browsing, adding items to their carts, or placing orders. These pop-ups guide members towards utilizing points for redemption, using rewards, or recommending and sharing products. Outside the website, the Member System offers comprehensive member email notifications. You can effortlessly apply exclusive membership templates, enabling the system to automatically send updates on level changes, point additions, and other enticing news to bring customers back to your website.

Word-of-mouth marketing + enhanced benefits, member referrals

How to encourage members to spontaneously recommend your store to their friends? You can incentivize them with benefits such as points, extra discounts, gift cards, or any other prizes you offer, to motivate those members who share store shopping links on social media or invite friends to shop. Once invitees successfully register as members, they can enjoy additional perks like discounts and points within the SHOPLINE Member System. This allows them to benefit from newcomer privileges and enjoy cumulative advantages like stacking discounts or waived delivery fees, while simultaneously encouraging members to consume for upgrades. By implementing this strategy, not only can it drive new customer orders, but it also builds up a positive reputation for referrals, encouraging new customers to continue inviting more friends to join as members.

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