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Member System - Introduction

The member system can help you set up membership levels for your store. Different levels of membership can set corresponding benefits, ways to get and use points, user invitation rewards, and product membership prices.

The member system can help you better retain customers, increase the number of members in your store, improve the repurchase rate of your products, and better build your brand. This article will introduce how to turn on and off the member system, how to build your own member operation system through various tools and check the operation effect.



Table of content



Installing Member System App

There are two methods to access the member system.

If you have not added the Member System app, you can install it from the SHOPLINE Apps store.

To install the Member System app:

  1. From your SHOPLINE Admin, go to Apps > Go to App Store.

    Memeber System - 1.png

  2. Search for Member System in the App store and click install.

    Member system -2.png

  3. After installation, you can find the Member System app in My App.

    Memeber System - 3.png



Removing Member System

When you want to remove the member system, you can delete it in "Apps" > "My App" > "Member System" > "Delete". When your mouse hovers over the "Member System", a "Delete" option will appear. Click "Delete" and confirm the deletion.

After the member system app is removed, the pop-up window will be removed from the store front. Redeemed rewards will not be affected, and users cannot continue to obtain rewards related to the member system.

After removing the member system app, you can open it again. After opening, the original data is retained, and settings remains the same.

Memeber System - 4.png



Member System feature

Membership operation tools

You can use the following tools to build your own membership operation system and increase the retention and repurchase of customers.

Build member brands

You can build a brand-specific member system to enhance consumers' perception of your brand and effectively increase long-term loyalty by following ways.

View member-related data

After operating the member system successfully for a period of time, you can check membership-related data to better understand the help brought by the member system.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE admin, website, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.



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